Six Episodes Into “Winners at War”

Fiji Stock Photo

Was there a bigger hour of Survivor: Winners at War than seeing Sandra Diaz-Twine and Parvati Shallow get voted out back-to-back? The two winners, who most notably faced off in Heroes v. Villains for the title of two-time winner, are perhaps two of the biggest names in Survivor history – two names whose threat levels are definitely insurmountable.

I said in my pre-season ranking that Parvati Shallow was my all-time favourite Survivor contestant, so seeing her torch get snuffed (the first time that’s happened since she first played in Cook Islands, 27 seasons ago) was hard to take – even if the writing was clearly on the wall.

Sandra’s vote-out, however, is one for the books. Wanting to take out Tony Vlachos without getting her hands dirty, Sandra put all of the eggs in the basket of Denise Stapley, who quickly turned against her and voted her out with her own Idol. She then played a second idol for Jeremy Collins, naturally as a precaution to help her going forward. It’s a move whose merits will be discussed for the next week until we see the fall-out from it. Was it a good move? Was it a bad move?

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