Quick Thoughts: The Morning Show: Best New Show of 2019?

It’s been a few years of wanting an Apple TV, so naturally when I unwrapped my Christmas presents from Andrew last Friday and found one waiting for me, I was over the moon. I quickly set it up, downloaded all of my favourite applications, and made use of the free year subscription to Apple TV Plus. The service, which launched at the beginning of November, had just finished the first season of its kick-off shows; the biggest one among them, and the one that I had been wanting to watch the most, was The Morning Show, starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell, among others.

Though I had perhaps not paid close enough attention to the trailers, as I wasn’t too familiar with the plot ahead of time. Nevertheless, after traveling back to visit Andrew’s parents for the week of Christmas, I ended one of my nights by watching the premiere episode. I’d read many comments that it took until the third or fourth episode for things to really get interesting, but I was definitely invested from the beginning. I liked how they set up the potential plot lines for the season, and the initial grey area over whether or not Carrell’s character was actually guilty or not was an interesting aspect.

The second day saw my father-in-law joining me, and we spent the day watching the next five episodes. By the time the third episode ended with it being the debut “morning of” Witherspoon’s Bradley Jackson character, I found myself hooked and couldn’t get the next episode to start any quicker. The more intertwined the plot lines became, the crazier the story went, I was finding myself eagerly and impatiently awaiting solutions. The best part was that I didn’t really particularly know exactly whom I was supposed to be rooting for. (Though I definitely did get a sense of who I wasn’t supposed to be rooting for.)

As the final day saw us watching the last episodes, I even felt uncomfortable. Episode seven of the season, a flashback episode, was unflinching and uncomfortable, but one that was needed to really hit home for the debut season. Afterward, the show gets into its final three episodes, which were all incredible hours of television. As each minute of the tenth episode passed, I was on the edge of the seat and practically biting my nails while the show reached its climax. After the show ended with a final scene of our leads shouting at the camera, followed by a dialogue-free shot of the other characters, and then the smash cut to black, my first reaction was indeed, “What a show.”

The nominations the season has already received are deserved, and I’m already anticipating seeing where the show goes from here for its second season.

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