One Month of Using the Smart Battery Case on My iPhone X

Apple's Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS

As much as I enjoy my iPhone X, one of the biggest qualms that I’ve had with it is its battery life. Even after a battery service at the two-year mark to get it replaced, it’s still not the most ideal battery for day-long travel in a car that doesn’t have a working USB plug.

So after setting aside some extra money every weeks, I was able to finally get Apple’s Smart Battery Case for my phone. True, it’s technically for its successor, the iPhone XS, but I haven’t had any issues getting it to work with my device. After using it solidly for a little over a month now, all I have to say is wow.

There have been some days where I haven’t even used my phone’s battery because I still have some left in the case; on days of heavy use, I’m going to bed with 80% left on my phone. I even managed one weekend to go from pulling my phone off the charger Saturday morning to Sunday night before I had to plug it back in; by that point, the phone was still at 15%.

Though it’s now been out for a year, if it’s something you’ve been curious about, I definitely recommend checking it out!

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