One Month With the iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro

Last month, Andrew and I found ourselves switching cell phone providers, and with it came an unexpected phone upgrade to an iPhone 11 Pro. Though I spoke fairly recently about how good my current phone still was, the techie in me wasn’t upset about getting the newest flagship. Though the latest current events have shown that I probably won’t be using my phone much outside, I’ve seen been able to enjoy several nice aspects about it.

The biggest wow to me was the dramatically increased battery life. I managed to get decent battery life on my X by using a Smart Battery Case, but just using this new phone by itself has left me wowed. I was easily getting hours of additional battery life from just the phone itself. I was one of those people who liked 3D Touch, but in the four years since its launch, it didn’t seem to catch on as much as Apple perhaps wanted it to. Nevertheless, if losing 3D Touch was what it took to have my phone’s battery last this long, I’m not complaining. I’ve even replaced my Smart Battery Case with one for the 11 Pro; getting nearly two days worth between charges is incredible.

As someone who uses their phone’s camera for everything photography and video-related, the new skills and abilities present here are insane. Not only are the photos (naturally) a better quality than before, but the deep fusion and smart HDR in them makes them look truly gorgeous. I’ve been using my cats as test subjects for most of my photos, and I’ve never seen such good photos of them taken by one of my cellphones before.

Though it’s not something that matters to most, I’m also a fan of the matte back rather than the glossy back found in my previous phone. I’ve seen put my 11 Pro in a Smart Battery Case of its own, but the few days I had it free of a case gave me an appreciation for how non-slippery the matted texture felt compared to before.

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