My Electronics + Their Accessories

I’ve made a few posts on this blog in the past about my penchant for electronics, and after watching far too many What’s in My Tech Bag? videos on YouTube, I’m finally motivated to get this typed up.

MacBook Air
My daily driver laptop is the 11.6″ 2015 MacBook Air, complete with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage and previously discussed here. Though we’re not traveling at the moment for obvious reasons, when I do travel, I keep it inside a generic felt Amazon Basics sleeve.

The nice thing about the sleeve is that it features three additional storage compartments – one in front of the slot for my MacBook, and two small ones in the back. When traveling, the two pockets in the back house my wired headphones (which are just your run-of-the-mill ear buds), as well as any USB 3.0 thumb drives I feel are necessary to take with me. The bigger of the two will also house my external hard drive – a 750GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue spinning HDD that was inside of my long-retired 2009 MacBook Pro.

As for the slot in the front? Well, it’s a tight squeeze, but in a pinch, I use it to house my…

iPad Mini
For tablet purposes, I use a second-generation space grey iPad Mini, which I had previously discussed using in 2020 here. Released in 2013 as the iPad Mini with Retina Display, it’s retroactively been referred to as just the iPad Mini 2. While it lacks the bells and whistles of any modern iPad, for my use cases – watching video on streaming services, reading eBooks and browsing Reddit/Twitter – it gets the job done and I don’t have many complaints.

Accessories wise, there’s not much to it. I was fortunate to be able to come across an authentic Smart Cover on eBay shortly after I purchased the iPad. I had the option of green and pink, so I went with the green to [somewhat] match my phone. With the magnetic clasp, it’s easy to keep on when the iPad’s not in use or to use as a stand for my iPad, and then take off when I’m holding my iPad for extended periods of time.

Up until recently, I was using a 256GB launch model space grey iPhone X, but February saw a switch to a 64GB midnight green iPhone 11 Pro. Though iPhones have a plethora of cases available, I’ve been a fan of the Apple silicone (it’s what I used for most of my X’s life span, after all) and after enjoying the Smart Battery case on my X, I bought the same case for my 11 Pro.

Despite the case being a different colour than my iPhone, it looks fine to me and I’m also a fan of the added heft on my iPhone now. While I originally bought the case under the assumption that it’d come in handy for extended travel, that’s gone by the wayside and now I’m just enjoying the extended battery life I get using my phone. Not having to charge my phone at all during the day while I’m using it is an amazing feeling.

When I do charge it at night, I just toss the phone and case on the Logitech Power-Up Charger, which I bought for only C$20 on sale at Best Buy. Logitech teamed up with Apple to create a wireless charger that could output at 7.5W rather than the 5W of other wireless chargers used with iPhones. As my phone charges while I’m sleeping and thus unable to monitor the speed of charging, I can’t speak to the benefits of it too much. That said, the fact that it was designed with Apple’s help made me privy to it and I personally dig the design of it. Now if only they had made a black/dark grey version of it instead of just white…

Gaming wise, I keep with me my grey Nintendo Switch Lite, which I won in a giveaway back in December. As I primarily buy physical games (and even then, I’ve only bought three so far), I’ve only loaded it up with a 128GB microSD card, which has more than served its purpose.

I’ve always been partial to the screen protectors that Spigen makes, and they’re in use on both my iPhone 11 Pro and my Switch Lite, as well as my husband’s electronics. They’re easy to apply, and I personally enjoy the feeling of them. For the case, I use ProCase’s felt carrying case, which has a similar look and feel to my MacBook Air’s case. Though it doesn’t offer much in the protection sense, I’m a fan of the design and I like that it has spots to carry physical game cartridges. I tend to just keep my games there rather than putting them back in the case.

Fuji Instax Mini 9
The Urban Outfitters-exclusive orange coloured Instax Mini 9 camera serves as the one I use, complete with the film that has the black border. It doesn’t necessarily go with me everywhere, but when I do bring it on trips with me, I just keep it in a generic case I came across on eBay. (Sadly, the link no longer works as the seller no longer has any in stock.) It also features a small mesh pocket that I can keep the different lens filters that the camera came with, and it’s big enough to house both the camera and an additional pack of film.

Additional Accessories
Though I don’t necessarily need to keep one anymore since my phone has great battery life on top of the Smart Battery Case, I do keep a portable battery pack in there just as a precaution, as well as a 12W wall plug in case I need it.

My AirPods also get used far more than I ever expected to use them when I first both them. Though I have the wired headphones for my Mac usage when needed, the AirPods still get used on them frequently, as well as on my iPad and my iPhone.

How about you? What’s in your bag, so to speak?

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