After a Name Change, The Chicks Excel on “Gaslighter”

Over the weekend, Andrew and I went on our bi-weekly trip to the grocery stores around us to get what we needed for the next little bit. Since there were a few things we weren’t able to get, we decided to venture next door

I’ve given it a few listens to really fine-tune my thoughts on it, and dare I say this might be the finest work that The Chicks have given us? From the album’s opening track (the title track Gaslighter that I briefly talked about back when it was first released), Jack Antonoff’s production is at the forefront, showing us we’re in store for an album that displays The Chicks in 2020 – bold, confident and sure of themselves as Country’s punk bund.

Though I’ve found myself genuinely loving every track on the album for different reasons, my personal favourite on the album would go to Texas Man. The songhas such a unique vibe to it compared to the other tracks, but trying to describe what the tone is, however, remains the hard part. At times, it gave me a 60s club doo-wop vibe; at other times, I was reminded some Florence + the Machine.

The album is nicely divided between uptempo songs in the first half and slower songs in the back half, with the protest anthem March March being the splitting track. (It was upon the release of March March’s powerful music video release that the group’s name change was announced.) Some albums tend to alternate back and forth, but I personally liked the method they went about doing it here the best.

In addition to the three tracks named above, my other personal highlights from the album were Sleep at Night, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Tights on My Boat, Hope It’s Something Good and Set Me Free.

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