Quick Thoughts: Yes, I Still Listen to “Songs From Instant Star”

I’m sure many of us in our mid-twenties and early thirties grew up watching some aspect of Degrassi: The Next Generation or Instant Star, two shows produced by Epitome and filmed outside of Toronto, Ontario that were heavy on the teenage angst.

Starring Alexz Johnson (who was most known at that point for her role in the third season of So Weird) as Jude Harrison, Instant Star’s basic plot centred around Jude after she becomes the inaugural winner of a televised singing competition named – you guessed it – Instant Star. The unique aspect of the show was that companion soundtracks for each season were released, with the first two being done exclusively by Alexz Johnson.

Though it was released all the way back in 2005 after the conclusion of the first season, Songs From Instant Star is still, for lack of a better term, a bop. Every once in a while, I’ll decide to give it a listen-through again, and realize that it still holds up remarkably well. The songs, while having to fit in with the mainstream appeal of the show, are well-written and Alexz Johnson, an experienced singer herself, brings life to them.

My favourite songs from the album over time have become Temporary Insanity, Waste My TimeLet Me Fall and Skin, which is my favourite from the album as a whole. That last song was actually written by Alexz and her brother, and was later added into the show after the producers heard her demo of it.

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