Quick Thoughts on Kesha’s High Road

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I still remember first hearing Kesha’s TiK ToK during my senior year of high school, and becoming a fan of Kesha (then stylized as Ke$ha) almost immediately. I was a fan of most of Animal‘s output, though it wasn’t until the subsequent EP Cannibal that really made me latch onto Kesha into full-fledged “stan” mode. After Warrior‘s release, we saw many personal turmoils in Kesha’s life come to the fore-front, which was horrible to follow along. In 2017, she made a notable return to music with the song Praying and the eventual release Rainbow. Critically acclaimed, I think Rainbow helped show people who Kesha really was as a singer, and it deserved all the acclaim it got.

So when news of High Road‘s release started to surface, I was ecstatic. I made the decision to hold off on listening to any singles (official or promotional) that were released, so I could be completely surprised when High Road finally came out. It was a decision I’m glad I made, as I’ve already managed to give the album two complete listens since it’s release earlier today. While I wouldn’t rate it as high as Rainbow, it’s still another solid output from one of my favourite singers. Despite the complaints about a lack of cohesiveness, I’m a fan of her merging of her different styles and personalities on the album.

I actually really love every single track on the album, but if I had to pick a few highlights, they would be TonightRaising HellHigh RoadShadowCowboy Blues (my personal favourite track of the album), Kinky (notably featuring her alter ego, Ke$ha) and Chasing Thunder.

What did you think of Kesha’s newest album? Are you a fan? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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