Quick Thoughts on Demi Lovato’s “Anyone”

Listening to music.

While I don’t usually watch much of the Grammys, I couldn’t help but watch the telecast awaiting a performance from one of my favourite singers, Demi Lovato.

When the moment finally arrived, I just transfixed on the TV and blocked all peripheral noise out, and I’m glad I did. The singer premiered Anyone, a “new” song that had written just four days prior to her overdose in 2017. The song was harrowing, unflinching, and real. I found myself tearing up as the song reached its climax, and instantly went to Spotify to listen to it again.

Demi Lovato’s frank openness of her mental health and addiction have always spoken to me, and as uncomfortable as this song has made me, I’m glad she’s at a spot where she feels comfortable to let others hear it publicly.

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