Quick Thoughts on Framing Hanley’s “Envy”

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Framing Hanley was a band I really enjoyed in the late 2000s, after they burst into the “emo” mainstream with their cover of Lil’ Wayne’s Lollipop and Hear Me Now. They continued putting out music for a few more years before announcing a break in 2015. In 2019, they reformed and started working on new material; today marked the release of their newest album, Envy.

It’s got the same Hanley-vibe as their previous efforts, particularly with the lyrics, but feels decidedly more modern than their previous output. The guitar riffs and heavy drumming is still there, but gone are the backing screams that helped them in the past. Instead, synthesizers and some autotune effects are in place to help the band out. That’s not a bad thing, mind you, but it’s interesting to hear the difference in their music in just the few years since their initial split.

My favourite tracks from the album are BubblesJoke’s on Us (my personal favourite from the album), Forgiveness is an ArtCarousel and Throwing Knives.

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