Self-Isolation Rekindling My Love for Being a Webmaster

No matter which way you shake it, the last few weeks have definitely been interesting. Though I haven’t been working for the last little while to begin with, the added time staying inside as often as possible has led to begin rekindling my love for web design and owning websites. During my middle school and high school years, I ran several fancies, and had fun doing them. I used to be able to recite HTML code by heart, and all of my websites were manually coded out. When WordPress started becoming popular, I dabbled in it a bit but slowly college took over.

With my time now more available than ever, I’ve shifted my focus back into running websites, and have just opened the first of them earlier this month – 45 Lampkin Lane, which is my tribute to the Halloween films that I love so much. I’ve even started my own collective, which is simply just my name, but hey; it works.

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