What I Learned From My Short-Term Therapy

I’m not really much of a winter person or a Christmas person, so the two of them mixing has always made the holiday season a rough time for me mentally. Given that my husband loves Christmas and the holiday season, it seemed to add some stress to me to try and make myself enjoy it.

That’s when I finally looked into what therapy sessions our insurance plan covers, which wound up being short-term sessions (as they call it) consisting of three sessions at a time with a therapist. I reached out to the help centre to have them find me an appropriate person to speak with, and began the first of my sessions shortly after Canadian Thanksgiving.

Scheduling my three sessions a few weeks apart from one another helped me use the methods I learned in each one to mark my improvement ahead of the next session. After all – if I was going to use this to help me heading into December, I wanted to make sure I could actually see the improvement in myself.

Last week marked the final session that I had, and I definitely don’t regret doing it. Though I did some initial hesitation between the first and second meetings due to some anxiety that I was keeping built up inside me, I’m glad I was able to overcome that and finish them out. Though my three sessions are over, I’ll likely reach out after the new year for another three just to help myself as we begin a next decade.

If it’s something you’ve been thinking about or have been curious about, I highly recommend it. Having someone with no prior connection to me be there to listen to me vent and express my feelings proved to be more helpful than I had ever expected it to be.

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