Focusing on Mental Health Amidst the Pandemic

As evidenced, my plan to blog once a day this month fell by the wayside rather quickly. Truth be told, last week was a hard week on my mental health, and finding the motivation to do anything was tricky. I know I’m fortunate compared to most – my husband’s still working, our town hasn’t had that many cases (and has been at zero cases for a while now), and we’re still able to do most of the activities that we enjoy.

But yet, it’s still been rough. Socializing with friends locally has been few and far in between, and I haven’t even been able to visit my family and friends back home in Cincinnati since my trip down for Christmas and New Years last year.

Things seemed to hit a breaking point last week, and it was hard. My sleep schedule was hit-or-miss, my mood swings were worse than they’ve been, and every time I ate, my stomach would cramp almost immediately… and yet, I was constantly hungry. I kept myself visit this weekend, getting to get food outside of the house finally and just going on a drive around the outer-limits of town. It’s not much, but just the change of scenery was a welcome change. I even spent some extra cuddling with JR and Sierra, which is always a nice welcome change.

I’ve come to realize that perhaps the worst contributor is just the uncertainty of knowing when I can visit. It’s hard not knowing when I’ll get to see people I saw nearly every day for years at a time again. But I know safety first is the most important thing.

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