Bingeing During COVID-19

Staying home and inside most of my day has, naturally, led to an increase in what I’ve been bingeing for the last few months. Now that summer’s here and most of my shows stopped having new episodes months ago (except for Drag Race, of course), it’s also served to let me watch some shows that I’d never seen before, or rewatching some of my old favourites.

Community was a show I’d heard about years ago when it was first airing, but I’d never actually gotten around to checking it out. It was finally added to Netflix this past April, which led to me watching the entire series in the span of just a couple of weeks. I immediately fell in love with the show, and found myself having to pause the show at numerous occasions to catch my breath after laughing so hard. I knew of the background behind the latter three seasons going in, and while I thought the first three seasons were the strongest, I still really enjoyed the fifth and sixth seasons as well. Overall, my ranking of the seasons would be S2 > S1 > S3 > S6 > S5 > S4.

I also found myself rewatching How I Met Your Mother, which was an old favourite of mine. I’d watched (most of) the series again a couple of times since it wrapped up its run with a controversial finale back in 2014, but usually as background noise while I was doing something else. I was reminded of some of my favourite storylines in the show, and remembered how much I enjoyed the early seasons of the show. Though some of the jokes and humour didn’t really hold up that well, it was a nice reminder of a show I loved back when it was airing. (Though I still haven’t made myself rewatch the last season just yet.)

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