Quick Thoughts on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Clerks. is one of my all-time favourite films, so I’ve always followed along with any news of a new View Askewniverse project – even if the events of Mallrats 2 and Clerks 3 haven’t exactly made it the best track record. Needless to say, when Jay and Silent Bob Reboot was finally released for streaming and home video this week, it was an instant buy from me. Given that Clerks II was the last time we’d essentially seen Jay and Silent Bob, I was curious to see how the View Askewniverse would look nowadays.

Though one of the often-repeated jokes from Kevin Smith was that this was literally just the same film as the prior Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, the new film still feels fresh and features many jokes and quips to please the fans of these films. There are naturally callbacks to the prior film, and the meta-references to the difference between remakes and reboots are done cheekily. The fourth-wall breaking camera stares return, as does as a nice nod to Clerks.’s black and white production – one that is a bit confusing when you really start to think about, but funny nonetheless.

Jay and Silent Bob are still as vulgar as ever, but the added scenes of Jay’s struggle with his newfound fatherhood – one that perhaps reflects real-life actor Jason Mewes – give this film some heart and emotional depth. It doesn’t necessarily reach the levels of Clerks II in that regard, but for a film focused solely on Jay and Silent Bob, it’s appreciated and continues this franchise’s run into its slowly maturing evolution.

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