My Electronics + Their Accessories

I’ve made a few posts on this blog in the past about my penchant for electronics, and after watching far too many What’s in My Tech Bag? videos on YouTube, I’m finally motivated to get this typed up. MacBook Air My daily driver laptop is the 11.6″ 2015 MacBook Air, […]

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Why I Bought an iPad Mini 2 in 2020

I thought this would be helpful in case anyone was looking at a cheap, secondhand iPad to use for some minor things since I wasn’t able to find much on this particular model when I was considering getting it last week. Last week, I purchased a slightly used iPad Mini […]

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One Month With the iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro

Last month, Andrew and I found ourselves switching cell phone providers, and with it came an unexpected phone upgrade to an iPhone 11 Pro. Though I spoke fairly recently about how good my current phone still was, the techie in me wasn’t upset about getting the newest flagship. Though the […]

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Using an iPhone X in 2020

iPhone X

We’ve had two years and a quarter of the way to a third year since the launch of Apple’s iPhone X, their 2017 flagship that made headlines. Featuring Apple’s first OLED display, as well as their first iPhone with minimal bezels, it was also their first iPhone flagship to hit […]

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One Month Later, I Love My Nintendo Switch Lite

I’ve never necessarily considered myself a gamer, per se. The last gaming console I actually owned was the original PlayStation, back in the late nineties. I did have both a Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo before then, and often played a Nintendo 64 during daycare; but for all intents and […]

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Breathing New Life Into a MacBook Pro

When my (mostly) reliable 2009 MacBook Pro finally bit the bullet in January of this year, I definitely wasn’t the happiest camper in the world. While it was definitely showing its age, it was still my personal laptop that I’d had since I went off to college in 2010. My […]

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