Bingeing During COVID-19

Staying home and inside most of my day has, naturally, led to an increase in what I’ve been bingeing for the last few months. Now that summer’s here and most of my shows stopped having new episodes months ago (except for Drag Race, of course), it’s also served to let […]

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Quarantine Birthday

Yesterday was my 28th birthday. It goes without saying that I didn’t exactly forsee my birthday being celebrated under the circumstances it was. but such is life under the current self-isolation policies. Though nothing was planned until later on anyway (which isn’t happening now, unfortunately), it was still a bit […]

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Reflecting on Valentine’s Day 2020

Valentine's Day 2020 header

After Andrew went to bed last night, I braved the sudden on-set of cold weather (with the wind chill, it had gotten down to -24ºC by the time) and made my way to the only store that was still open after midnight in Kingston. It was officially Valentine’s Day, and […]

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2020 Is Here

2020 is here

2020 is here. Not only is it a fresh year, but it’s also a fresh decade. I spent the “big moment” with Andrew, naturally, as well as my good friend Molly and some of her friends. As the clock struck over, I couldn’t help but feel hopeful and optimistic. For […]

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Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Though I’m recovering from having two wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday, it didn’t stop Andrew and I from planning a last-minute trip to South Burlington, Vermont last night to see none other than Lee DeWyze. While I’ll talk more about that show in my next post, the four hour drive […]

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